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Information and resources regarding SWVCTC and the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Southern Alerts

Southern ALERTS

Sign up for Southern ALERTS Here

Southern ALERTS is an emergency notification system that will be used by Southern to notify faculty/staff, students and other constituents of emergency situations that are occurring on one or all of our campuses or sites providing instructions for actions you should take.  All emergency alerts will automatically be sent to:

  • Every Southern provided email address (
  • Every Southern office or classroom phone
  • Southern’s website
  • Southern’s Facebook page
  • Southern’s Twitter feed
  • A pop-up window on every Southern owned desktop/laptop computer on the Southern network

In addition, you may also sign up to have alerts delivered via email to:

  • Any personal email address
  • Text messages sent to any cell phone numbers you provide
  • Voice calls made to any voice phone number you provide

You may sign up at the Southern ALERTS portal page by clicking here.

Watch how to sign up below:

As you sign up, be aware that if you use your email address as the username, you will receive two emails at that address whenever an emergency alert is sent.  You may prefer to use a personal email address as the username for this Southern ALERTS account to avoid receiving duplicate emails.