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Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College Introduces its New Synthetic Cadaver

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College recently welcomed Abba, our new SynDaver, or “synthetic cadaver.” Southern is the only institution in the state to have anything like it, and it will be used for training by our Surgical Technology team to simulate surgical procedures.

According to the SynDaver website, this is the most elaborate surgical simulator in the world, and the only synthetic human that includes a fully accurate anatomy – including skin, fat, all bones, muscles, and tendons. Every vascular component and organ is removable and replaceable, and will be invaluable to our students’ learning.

“There’s nothing like hand’s-on learning, and this will enable us to teach our students in a whole new way,” Misha Herndon, Southern’s Surgical Technology Program Coordinator, said. “Students won’t be looking at a black-and-white photo in a book, they’ll be seeing it completely replicated in front of them.”

For more information, please contact Mandy Lester at 304-896-7429, or Southern staff and faculty pose with the school's new SynDaver